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Zilo Manager


All you need for Accounting, Invoicing & Inventory Control.

If you don't know your numbers, you can't grow your business.

Zilo Manager is a full-featured Accounting and Business Management Software designed for small and medium size businesses. It's the only tool you need for accounting, bookkeeping, invoices, taxes, inventory, team collaboration, human resources, payroll management plus others. Included are many financial reports that tells you the health of your business. We've got everything you need to take care of business.

Reduce Losses. Grow profit.

Accounting software that’s up and running in minutes.

Zilo Manager handles all financial aspects of your company. It help you prepare invoices, pay business bills, track revenue and losses, calculate sales taxes (VAT), eliminate employee theft, track cash flow and expenses.
To improve business management, you can add modules for payroll and human resource, Repair shops, Team collaboration and project management.

Why You Need This Accounting Software

See how you sell more and grow profit.

• What is your business’s daily, monthly, and annual income?
• What is your business’s daily, monthly, and annual expenses?
• How much cash does your business need to pay its bills and employees?
• Is your business profitable, is it making enough sales or is losing money
• Are you tracking business inventory?
• What is the cost of making the goods or providing the services?
• Do customers owe money to the business, and are they paying on time?
• How much money does the business owe to suppliers, banks or investors?

Ease of use

Easy To Use Accounting and Inventory Software

Software is easy to learn. No experience necessary. Manage your business from anywhere and at anytime; plus gain access to your business information on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
Do away with spreadsheet or manual tasks and focus on your customers. Grant access to your accountant to work remotely on your books.

All-in-One Business Management Software

Zilo Manager is for Businesses of all Types. These include Retail Stores, Shops, Service Businesses, Manufacturing, Government Agencies, Colleges - Polytechnics - Universities, Health Care Providers, Hospitality Businesses, Salon & Spa, Restaurant and Others. It is perfect for businesses with single or multiple locations and multiple warehouses.

Manage Your Books. Save Time And Grow Your Business Faster.

Gain the ability to create and manage business finances. Create invoices, customers CRM, estimates, taxes & expenses. Work remotely, collaborate with your team and manage projects. Access tasks, files and calendars from anywhere. Share your work with staff and accountant in real-time.
Save the time spent on organizing manual and writing duplicate invoices. Look professional, print or email invoices. Record receipt, inventories from suppliers and service providers right in the spot on your mobile phone. Plus gain access to smart POS that ensures you never lose money ever again.